Relevant Activities

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Relevant Activities

Management of value creation and respect for customers

LG employees practice as follows:

  • Training and Prevention Activities

    • (1) We implement regular Jeong-Do management training with all employees
      (utilize this training for the course of new employees, career employees and promotion and implement the cyber training of Jeong-Do management with all executives and staffs)
    • (2) Each affiliate also implements regular Jeong-Do management training with its suppliers.
    • (3) We enforce all employees and the suppliers to submit the ‘Jeong-Do Management Pledge of Practice regularly.
  • Declaration of Receiving Gift System

    LG employee is strictly prohibited from receiving money or entertainment from stakeholders at any rate. When LG employee received money, gift or congratulation and condolence money from stakeholders unavoidably, he/she shall return it after report to Company according to Declaration of Receiving system or contribute the same to social welfare group when return is not available.

  • Simplification of Congratulation and Condolence Activity

    • (1) LG employee shall not receive the congratulation or condolence money, gift or wreath (flowers, orchid) from the interested party at any rate and shall gracefully refuse or return it. /li>
    • (2) Intentional notification of congratulatory or condolence events by the employee or the employees’ family and friends, thus pressuring stakeholders, can be accounted as receiving gifts, with regards to circumstances.
    • - Sending invitation notices(e-mail, mail, fax, etc.) to stakeholders is prohibited.
    • - Posting notices on bulletin boards or sites where stakeholders can access is not allowed.
    • - Openly informing congratulatory and condolence events by the concerned or other colleagues is forbidden.
  • LG employees’ working behavior

    • Lead a sound department parties and drinking culture
    • Operate the intensive work time system (any meeting except the one with the customer is prohibited between 09:00 and 11:00)
    • Simplify the internal protocol but carry out the protocol focused on the external customer
    • Comply with the basic etiquette such as code of conduct including working attitude and dress