Chapter 5. Corporate Responsibilities for Employees

LG employees are acting uprightly and making value judgments in accordance to the code of ethics.

All employees are respected as a dignified individual. They will be treated fairly according to their abilities and achievements and encouraged to express their creativity to its full extent.

1.Respecting Humanity

LG Code of Ethics

  • (1) LG treats each employee with warmth and trust and values every individual's dignity.
  • (2) LG makes every effort to help employees feel pride and personal fulfillment by giving them a sense of ownership in their jobs.
  • (3) LG has established regulations and educational guidelines and takes necessary actions to assist employees in performing their duties in a fair and effective manner.
Guidelines for Practice
  • (1) The company shall establish an image of an ideal employee and create policies for human resource development.
  • (2) The company shall establish and fully promote a system of nurturing its employees to be voluntary and creative.
  • (3) The company shall assign tasks by taking into account the wishes, aptitudes, and capabilities of each employee and facilitate development of human resources through job execution.
  • (4) The company shall make efforts to create a working environment which helps employees improve their quality of life.

2.Fair Treatment

LG Code of Ethics

  • (1) LG offers equal opportunities to all its employees based on their abilities and talents.
  • (2) LG evaluates the abilities and performance of its employees using fair means and rewards them accordingly.
Guidelines for Practice
  • (1) The company shall not discriminate against its employees based on education, gender, or regional origins in offering opportunities to enhance their capabilities (training, transfer, promotion, job assignment, etc.); it shall offer such opportunities fairly.
  • (2) The company shall establish a criteria for evaluating employee talent, ability, and performance and conduct fair evaluations in order to motivate self-development and ensure fair recognition.

3.Promoting Creativity

LG Code of Ethics

  • (1) LG makes every effort to create a working environment conducive to creative thinking and autonomous behavior.
  • (2) LG actively develops employee abilities and manages its human resources based on a long-term plan.
  • (3) LG respects personal lifestyles and creates a developed organizational culture through mutual trust and understanding.
Guidelines for Practice
  • (1) The company shall establish a system and corporate culture that encourages employees to freely express their suggestions, opinions, and complaints.
  • (2) The company shall take the measures necessary to ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees. In particular, the company shall take additional safety measures at work sites with hazardous elements.
  • (3) The company shall protect the privacy of its employees as long as the work environment and public morality are not adversely affected.
  • (4) The company shall not force its employees to participate in the activities of particular religions or political parties, and it shall respect the religious/political convictions of its employees.