Chapter 6. Responsibilities to the Nation and Society

LG employees are acting uprightly and making value judgments in accordance to the code of ethics.

To protect the returns of shareholders, increase the well-being of citizens, and contribute to social development, LG will grow into a strong and sound company through execution of business operations based on rational decisions.

1.Rational Business Operation

LG Code of Ethics

  • (1) LG conducts its business respecting local and international values.
  • (2) LG promotes its business expansion based on stable corporate growth.
Guidelines for Practice

In respect for societal moral values, the company shall not engage in activities that harm the national economy or causes disharmony. The company shall operate its business in line with national sentiments.

2.Protecting Shareholder Returns

LG Code of Ethics

LG protects its shareholders' interests by earning healthy profits through effective management.

Guidelines for Practice
  • (1) In respect for the shareholder's right to know, the company shall faithfully publish its financial information.
  • (2) The company shall not unilaterally interfere with the returns of minority shareholders for the purpose of protecting the returns of large shareholders.

3. Contributing to Social Development

LG Code of Ethics

LG contributes to national and social development through job creation, tax contributions, and the promotion of cultural and welfare programs.

Guidelines for Practice
  • (1) The company shall fairly provide employment opportunities and shall not discriminate based on education, gender, or regional origins.
  • (2) The company shall faithfully report and pay its taxes.
  • (3) The company shall strive to accommodate the reasonable requests of people from every strata of society and region.

4. Conservation of the Environment

LG Code of Ethics

LG works hard to prevent environmental pollution and employs every measure necessary to preserve the natural environment.

Guidelines for Practice
  • (1) The company shall comply with all laws and regulations regarding environmental protection and seek to operate its business in a manner that respects the environment, such as preventing global warming, saving energy and protecting water resources.
  • (2) The company shall secure and operate antipollution facilities and operate personnel to prevent environmental pollution.