“Jeong-do Management”

‘Jeong-do management’ is our mode of behavior to implement our management principles of ‘customer-value creation’ and ‘people-oriented management.’

Product / Service / Quality
Customer complaints

We value customer feedback

  • Customer complaints

  • Unsatisfactory response

  • Delay / inattentive service

  • suggestions

For a fast response, please visit the website of the responsible company to file your complaints.

Employees / partner companies
Reporting unethical or illegal behavior

Your report lays foundation for Jeong-do Management

  • Solicitation / graft

  • Embezzlement / misappropriation

  • Environmental / safety accidents

  • Unfair trade practices

  • Document manipulation

  • Workplace harassment

LG shall take the full responsibility for protecting the informant with the highest level of confidentiality.

In case of anonymous reporting, you cannot check the handling progress of your report. If the contents of the anonymous reporting are not specific and not founded on clear facts, investigation might not be conducted without notice.