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  1. File the Report

    You may check whether or not your report entered in the Ethics Hotline is normally filed through the message, ‘your report is normally filed’.

  2. Check the Contents (Registration)

    It may take a prescribed time till we answer for commencing the investigation because the contents of your report shall get through the preliminary procedures such as checking with related departments under the principle of protection of the informant.

  3. Commence the Investigation

    Investigation shall be commenced after finalizing the investigation plan such as investigation personnel and period. Investigation shall be implemented in consecutive order according to filing order of the reports and the period of investigation could be different according to the objects and scope of investigation.

  4. Complete the Investigation

    The investigation is completed through objective fact relevance checking.

  5. Close

    The report shall be closed when the discipline is finalized according to the internal regulation after completion of the investigation.

  6. Check the Result of Treatment

    When the informant reports in real name and requests the result feedback expressly, the result of treatment shall be advised to the informant unless the legal right and interest of the company are prejudiced.